We love to party with these people.


From some of our oldest friends who our staff has worked along side with hundreds of times, to the exciting new comers we are meeting every day, we love working with them all!


A successful event has a lot of moving parts, and the easier they work together the better.  Here are some of the partners our team members have worked with previous to ClearWave, and look forward to working with in the future..





"David Meek and I have worked together for over 10 years now. He is my go-to for any audio/visual needs! He is a true professional and always delivers the best product possible. I constantly suggest him to my vendors when asked for a referral. He has the highest caliber product and I can I can always count on him to make me look good."



Lonnie Thompson
Lighting Designer/Account Manager at Images by Lighting

"I love working with Dave and always recommend him to our clients.  From intimate small parties to full blown galas, he understands how to blend in the A/V with the overall vibe of an event.  I highly recommend him."

Curt Stahl

Senior Lighting Designer at Images by Lighting

Los Angeles CA

310 629 9191