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It all starts with a vision.  A style or vibe that will delight your clients.  You spend hours and hours on a look and feel and the last thing you need is to wonder if your vendors catch the vision.


It may come as a surprise to hear this from an audio visual company, but we understand that decor and look come first.


We work with your concept.  Whether it's using white speakers at a wedding, or hiding a video projector behind a window, we make sure your event stays pretty. 


ClearWave makes sure the person who does your intial walk thru is the same person who will be at your event.  No surprises, just clean and clear A/V.


We also play well with others.  Decor, lighting, facilities managers, we all want the same thing, a perfect event.  Click here to see some of the people our staff has worked with in the past.









Amazing weddings are about attention to details.  We know planners spend hours with brides on flowers, colors, themes etc...


The last thing your client wants to see is a bunch of A/V equipment, or not clearly hear the toasts.


From beautiful white speakers that blend in with the decor, to back up microphones just in case the best man drops one, ClearWave pays attention to the little things so you can relax and enjoy the big picture.





When live sound is a key component to your event, you need a flexible, experienced sound partner.  


Each band has a different sound, a different engineer.  They all have one thing in common, they want to sound their best.  


Our crew on these events always has someone with touring experience, and we read all technical riders and event time lines.


Look here to see who our staff has worked with, we think you'll be impressed.


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Nothing is quite like a Hollywood premier.  The amazing high energy vibe, the lights, the stars.


That's what the attendees see. Behind the scenes there is the parking, the security badges, the last minute changes to the video clips, the back and forth between audio sources.


There are a lot of little things, and  these clients expect perfection.


We know.  Our staff have worked on hundreds of them.


Tell us about your needs, and we are always happy to share what we have learned to make sure your event is flawless.

From timing the transitions on your Powerpoint slides just right, to making sure all the Q&A microphones have new batteries, ClearWave understands that companies expect partners who are professional and on point.. 


Our professionals have done everything from small board meetings to national sales conferences with thousands of attendees.  Tell us what we can do for you.

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